Bowman watercolor


Jerry W. Bowman is a watercolor

artist from Lawton, Michigan. His

work is characterized by bold color,

strong pattern, dramatic shadows

and an unusual overhead point of

view. Items collected by the artist

typically populate these paintings.

Items particularly favored are icons

collected traveling, exquisite textiles and found natural items. Each piece tells its own unique story. Bowman’s original pieces are large scale and painted on Arches 156 lbs. handmade paper using premium lightfast paints.  Bowman is included in Who’s Who in American Art and Who’s Who in America. He is a signature member of Watercolor West, The Rocky Mountain Watermedia Society and the Watercolor USA Honor Society. His work has appeared in scores of juried national shows where he has won numerous awards. His paintings have been included in magazines and books as well as museum, corporate and private collections. More information is available by request and on other pages of this site. Links to those pages are at the top of all pages included here.

           “Big Iris, original watercolor, Jerry W. Bowman


Items of interest

Please feel free to schedule a visit to my studio at your convenience for lessons, consultation or inquiries about my work. Call 269-271-7848 if interested. Leave a message if prompted as I am often painting.

If you wish to be included on my mailing list and invited to my Annual November Studio Show and Sale, please send me a note at

Other information concerning my work is listed below. The 2017 showing season is in full swing.

  1. (1)The painting “Big Birds of Paradise” was selected for the Watercolor West International Show in Brea, CA .

  2. (2)My painting “Big Iris” was juried into the Carnegie Center for the Arts Annual Exhibition in Three Rivers, MI. I was fortunate enough to receive an honorable mention award for the painting.

  3. (3)A piece entitled “Night Ideas” is currently featured on the International Society of Experimental Art’s online exhibition.

  4. (4)Several of my paintings and a “Spotlight” article on my work was featured in the February edition of  “Spirit of Experimental Art” (thank you Maxine!)

  5. (5)I was fortunate to be invited to do a 2 month 1 man show at Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph, MI, in 2017 for the third consecutive year.

  6. (6)My work is exclusively featured in the Casa Bolero restaurant  at 116 Portage Street, Kalamazoo, MI

  7. (7) Many examples of my paintings can also be viewed at Su Casa restaurant in South Haven, MI.


Special Note:

Other shows and special events are in the works. Please check back on occasion to keep up.

About the Artist

“Big Kahuna”, original watercolor,

Jerry W. Bowman