Bowman watercolor

On My Easel


Probably the most common question an artist gets is “What are you working on now?” It is inevitably several things, but for myself there is often one particular piece or project that consumes most of my time. And rarely is a verbal description a truly sufficient answer. I’ve decided to create a page here to illustrate what I have been up to. I will update this page to show more of the process and completed projects as they evolve.

So here is the current saga. My wife kindly gifted me 7 coil baskets from Uganda with a variety of amazing colors and patterns. Naturally, for me, I have been putting them into a series of paintings. Two paintings in a series of 7 are completed and shown below. Each painting contains one basket, one or more “Big” flowers of my choosing and a variety of moths and butterflies from the midwest (reflecting my naturalist tendencies and entomological background).

I created a “cloth design” that is identical in the background of each painting and will tie them all together. The POV is overhead with 3-D shadows, typical of my work.

Two are completed with 5 to come. The third one is just in the incipient stage and so is not featured here, yet. Of course I practice artistic license with colors and patterns, as usual.

Below the completed pieces are photos in sequence showing the creation of “Big Iris”,

to give you an idea of how I work and how a painting progresses.