Bowman watercolor


I have several years experience in teaching my unique style of watercolor painting. Instruction in color underpainting, layering and three-dimensionality are some of my specialties and have been developed over many years of experience. I offer individual instruction at my home studio rather than organized classes. In this way, you receive the benefits of one-on-one instruction and personal attention. Learning in such an environment is quicker, easier and more profound. The lesson can be tailored to your specific wants and needs. I also provide specialized counseling for artists in respect to basic website design and maintenance, marketing, resume development, framing, self promotion and especially showing your work both here and abroad.

I have taught many classes, workshops and given demonstrations or lectures throughout my career. One day to one week workshops are also a specialty. Please e-mail me for dates, costs, etc. so we may begin a dialogue.

If you are interested in instruction or consultation please e-mail me with your specific request or questions. My classes and consultation fees are negotiable but generally run $40.00 for a three hour painting session or $30.00 per hour for consulting. Weekly or monthly scheduled meetings can easily be set up.

I normally provide the materials necessary for the first few sessions free of charge. But once you are a serious watercolor student I have developed a recommended list of materials that is available by request. Contact me for details.