Bowman watercolor


I have several years experience in teaching my unique style of watercolor painting. Instruction in color underpainting, layering and three-dimensionality are some of my specialties and have been developed over many years of experience. I offer individual instruction at my home studio rather than organized classes. In this way, you receive the benefits of one-on-one instruction and personal attention. Learning in such an environment is quicker, easier and more profound. The lesson can be tailored to your specific wants and needs. I also provide specialized counseling for artists in respect to basic website design and maintenance, marketing, resume development, self promotion and especially showing your work both here and abroad.

I have taught many classes, workshops and given demonstrations or lectures throughout my career. One day to one week workshops are also a specialty. Please e-mail me for dates, costs, etc. so we may begin a dialogue.

If you are interested in instruction or consultation please e-mail me with your specific request or questions. My classes and consultation fees are negotiable but generally run $40.00 for a three hour painting session or $30.00 per hour for consulting. Weekly or monthly scheduled meetings can easily be set up.

I normally provide the materials necessary for the first few sessions free of charge. But once you are a serious watercolor student I have developed a recommended list of materials and that is provided below.  Contact me for details.

Recommended Materials List: Bowman Watercolor

1. A painting board to staple paper to. Minimum 24 x 32” for full 22 x 30” sheet (smaller is optional for 1/2 sheet) of 3/8 inch smooth/flat plywood, sanded and sealed with 2 layers of latex clear polyurethane. Watch out for splinters. Larger boards of 1/2” plywood for larger paintings.

2. Paper. Recommend Arches 22 x 30” sheet or roll 140# or 156# cold press. Available at Dick Blick etc. Other kinds at your option. Sheets are available for purchase from me as is roll (51.5” by 10 yards) paper for larger paintings.

2. Brush (es). Recommend Raphael 8404 #6. Also may use W&N #6 or 8. Available at Dick Blick, Pearl Art, etc. One should be enough. Two would be preferred.

  1. 4.Tube paints (5-15ml size). No Gouache or non transparent paints. No white necessary.

Strongly Suggest: W&N neutral tint, W&N winsor red, W&N cadmium orange, W&N cadmium yellow pale, W&N sepia, W&N Indian red, W&N gold ochre, W&N French ultramarine, Grumbacher Academy violet (thalo) A229, Grumbacher Academy thio violet A211, Rembrandt (or Holbein) sap green, Rembrandt Hooker green deep, Sennelier cadmium green,  Schminke (Horadam) may green, Schmincke Heliocoelin (helio cerulean), Holbein turquoise blue, Daniel Smith quindacrinone burnt orange.

Recommend: Holbein opera, Holbein vermillion, Schminke Cadmium Yellow Middle, Schmincke Pthaloblue, W&N burnt sienna, W&N raw sienna, Old Holland light green, Holbein brown madder.

5. Plastic palettes or ones of your choice. Any art supply house should offer some.

6. 2H drawing pencils and eraser (Staedtler Lumograph 100 2H, Staedtler Mars plastic).

  1. 7.I normally provide jars for water.

8. Cheap 1 or 2 ply white napkins (with no colored decorations, as they can run) in 200 pak. No paper towels as they are too absorbent.

9. Straight edge.

10. Drafting tape (not masking).

11. Hand held hair dryer and extension cord.

12. Bring your own favorite object/cloth for a still life or I will provide one to work from if you prefer. Ever consider a self portrait? You can also work from a good photo.

I will also provide the necessary staple gun, screwdriver, sponge, scalpel blades and holder, magic marker, sandpaper, a digital camera, printer, other essentials – plus odds and ends. Bring your laptop and several sheets of glossy paper to download your reference photos. if you would like.